Happy 37th Birthday, Fiona!!!


weirdtrip said: omg I remember that moment clear as day lol

same omg and some people thought it was such a statement but really it was a fuck up lol everything i hear about that company makes it sound like a mess

i found out that the reason lily mcmenamy didn’t wear a top at marc jacobs fall 2013 is because they make all their clothes last minute and they literally didn’t finish her top lol 


they will never top this collex x/

same imo


I truly do hope that dreamworks sues Jeremy Scott and they go out of business so my eyes won’t have to constantly be subjected to such horror

statueofthotness: Rodarte was spectacular, you can be VERY proud of what you accomplished. You were a part of something major! And I LOVE Mily and Mona :)

Omg thank you so much!! I’m glad you loved the show :) and they’re both gorgeous girls and it’s even better to know that they’re some of the sweetest people I’ve worked with!

also i literally made all the beaded scarves myself

Mily Reuter and Mona Matsuoka at Rodarte S/S 2015

two of my assigned looks <3


Spectacular set at Rodarte

rodarte ready to wear spring/summer 2015.

tilda on the left and anna e on the right and i lost three fingers putting those fucking shoes on the girls